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J. Davis

African-Inspired Notebooks

One of several items I've ordered from this seller. I love them all.

S. Nesmith

2024 Sistas Relaxation Calendar

I love this soooo much.

N. Byars

2024 Sistas Relaxation Calendar

Love my calendar. Very good quality paper and well constructed. The images are beautiful and frame worthy. A feature that is a plus for me because I often keep the pictures even when the calendar year is over. It's also important for me to support black owned business. Will definitely buy from her again.

N. Stinson

2024 Sistas Relaxation Calendar

I love these calendars. Great quality products. I buy them for my desk at work & get so many compliments. As long as she keeps making these, I'll be purchasing every year!!!!

K. Taylor

2024 Sistas Relaxation Calendar

Love, love, love this beautiful calendar! It's a gift for my mother-in-law and she's going to love it too. Wonderful customer service!

K. Bailey

Pretty Girl Journey Journal for AKAs

The quality of the journals was excellent for the price. The shipping was fast and professionally done!

D. Blanks

Quotables Notepads

I love that you recognize VITILIGO!

S. Tobbece

Scoops Stationery

Cute design and timely shipping!

K. Brown

Quotables Notepads

The notepads are beautiful and well made. They exceeded my expectations. I will definitely purchase more.

D. Blanks

Quotables Notepads

I have Vitiligo, enough said!

M. Robinson

AFrican AF Notebooks

I absolutely love these notebooks!! They are so cute. Im using some for journal writing, others for my classes. Will definitely purchase again!

K. Kaiser

Quotables Notepads

I purchased 2 different notepads as a birthday gift for a friend. The images are so well done. I love them & I know she will too. There are so many wonderful items to choose from 2woScoops. I love supporting small businesses, especially those run by black women. Highly recommend 10/10.

G. Morales

Really Great Friends

This is an excellent way to explain to our kids about equality, empathy, and friendship. Make sure to read the references at the end, makes the book even more special.

J. Rector

Skin Is In Sticky Notes

They're perfect! Super cute designs and I appreciated the freebies that came with. I'm going to proudly display the info cards that came with so other people can shop with you!

I. Barikor

Skin Is In Sticky Notes

Just as pictured, very cute sticky notes. I feel more motivated to use them which is great for my organization goals!

K. Touray

Quotables Notepads


E. Teague

My Lil Diary

"This little diary is so cute! Shipped quick and arrived safely. To top it all off, Shay was super nice."

A. Johnson

Quotables Notepads

"The seller was super responsive and helpful when I needed to make an amendment to my order (adding a gift note). The products shipped quickly and the recipients loved them! I would definitely order again!"

L. Newsome

Quotables Notepads

"I love them; the design is awesome."

C. Bauerle 

AFrican-Inspired Notebooks

"These notebooks are well made and eye-catching, and hopefully will inspire writing when they are given as gifts."

W. Payton

Lil Girlfriends Pick A Career Coloring Book

"My Granddaughter loves this coloring book!"

J. Bogonko

Quotables Notepads

"Very pleased with my order. Thank you so much!"

L. Tover

My Lil Diary

"Super cute. Definitely reminds me of my childhood. Thank you for the cute pen!"

F. Jacob

My Breast Cancer Journey Journal

"My niece loved her Breast Cancer Journal."

E. Roberson

Really Great Friends

"I read it more than once. This book will mean more to people than you think!"

C. Hankerson

Really Great Friends

"My kiddies are going to love it!!! I did! And the fact that it touched bases on exactly what's been happening & how 'they' can protest with us and not be against us, spoke volumes!!!"

J. Chance

Really Great Friends

"Book came early. I read it and loved it. Very touching. Keep up the good work!"

M. Mobley

Really Great Friends

"I think the book is wonderful. Great job!"

C. Howard

Really Great Friends

"Such an amazing eye-opening story! That history repeating itself sent chills through my body. OMG I love the major details!!! They are very important & noticeable."

T. Jackson

Really Great Friends

"I'm so proud of Shaylon and her accomplishments as an author. This is a book that so many of our youth need today. It's informative, direct and real. All the best to you. I'm waiting for book #2."

C. Chance

Really Great Friends

"Well done! I love this book!!! It is so needed. It easily explains protesting to children (and adults), people wanting to be treated equally. I love the cover of them holding hands, it speaks volumes. The beautiful illustration on page 20 brought me to tears... a picture is worth a thousand words!"

S. Adams

Really Great Friends

"It is a very important & good book that deals with what we face in reality!"

S. Jackson

Really Great Friends

"This is a book that every child should read. It's colorful and easy to read. It's on point!! Will recommend it to all parents. I am super proud of you Shaylon, and thank you!!

S. Parker

Really Great Friends

"Very detailed, and I love the subtle hints at social issues that were highlighted throughout the book!"