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Have an idea for a children's book, but don't know where to start?

2wo Scoops now offers:
- ghostwriting
- illustrating
- editing
- printing
- publishing (public & private)

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**Our Newest Author**

Seven year-old author Amarie Howard is ready for you to see the world with her, in her newest book "Come On... Let's Travel with Amarie!" ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!!!

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Black Boy Joy Composition Notebooks

Let your lil king spread some black boy joy this school year! Collect all 3!!!

$4.50 each OR 3 for $12


Black Girl Magic Composition Notebooks

Have your lil queen sprinkle some black girl magic this school year! Collect all 3!!!

$4.50 each OR 3 for $12


Learn to Write Workbook

Learn & practice the basics of writing letters with this workbook! Fun sentences to read, pics to color, and includes writing numbers 1-20!!!

Buy Now $6


Learn Cursive Writing Workbook

Not many schools teach cursive reading or writing anymore. Keep your kiddo ahead of the game with this workbook!!!

Buy Now $6

Does your company need a calendar made?

Contact me with the details!
13 - month calendar books OR calendar posters can be made.

brown wooden table and chairs near green tree

Readers & Publishers alike!!!

2wo Scoops ranges from starting the publishing journey, all the way to the finished product... which you can buy right here, on the same site!

"If there is a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it"
                          ~ Toni Morrison


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2woScoops' Pub Club:

Come On... Let's Travel with Amarie!

Join 7-year old Amarie on her world adventures!!! Order your copy NOW!!!


Just Like Your Mom 

Paperback children's book about our love for Mom and how we emulate her in so many ways. An easy-reader book for kids, and a great gift for Mom!


 Buy Now $7

Just Like Your Dad

Paperback children's book about our admiration and love for Dad! Dads are so important, even in the smallest ways. An easy-reader book for kids, and a great gift for Dad!


Buy Now $6

Really Great Friends

Paperback children's book about the unbiased compassion children have for those who are different. Also highlights social issues.

Buy Now $8

Lil Girlfriends & Friends Visit the Black History Museum

Join the Lil Girlfriends and their classmates on the field trip adventure of historic proportions! Learn about Black History Figures you may not have even heard of on this fun-filled exploration. Ages 5 & up.

Buy Now $8


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What our readers are saying:

"Love love love this beautiful calendar! it's a gift for my mother-in-law and she's going to love it too. Wonderful customer service!

K. Taylor -
2024 Sistas Wine Down Calendar

"This is a book every child should read. It's colorful and easy to read. It's on point!! Will recommend to all parents..."

S. Jackson -
Really Great Friends

Coloring Books/Workbooks

Learning and Fun go hand in hand!

Bellied Beauties -The
Pregnant Belly Coloring Book

This coloring book is great for bedrest, and all other stages of pregnancy! The perfect gift for Moms-To-Be!!!

Buy Now 7.00

Hype Sistas Hair Coloring Book

Never thought you'd find your next hairstyle in a coloring book, did you? This is my tribute to our beloved 90s black hair magazines 馃枻 

Buy Now 7.00

Lil Girlfriends Pick A Career Coloring Book

Because REPRESENTATION MATTERS!!! This coloring book shows our little black & brown princesses that they can be whatever they want to be, even while sporting the beautifully natural state of their hair. There are no limits!! 馃枻馃

Buy Now 7.00


Beautiful mandalas in the shape of animals for your coloring pleasure!!! Blank pages on the back of each page, so there is no bleed-thru to the next picture. For Adults & Children

Buy Now 8.50

Lil Girlfriends & Friends Dress as Black Inventors

Celebrate Black Inventors with 2wo Scoops! This coloring & activity book mentions some of the pioneers of Black History. These are some of the creators of things we still use today! This coloring book is enlightening and educational. 

Buy Now 7.00

Lil Girlfriends & the Halloween Surprise Coloring Book

Join the Lil Girlfriends on this Halloween adventure for a spooktacularly, haunting surprise!

Buy Now 7.00

Learn to Write Workbook

Get your Pre-K & up babies prepared and ahead of the game! This workbook helps children practice writing, reading, and coloring!

Buy Now 6.00

Learn Cursive Workbook

Cursive writing is no longer taught in a lot of schools. Keep your kids ahead of the curve with this practice workbook. Includes entire cursive alphabet, silly sentences, and fun pictures to color!

Buy Now 6.00


Make writing FUN!!!

Black Boy
Joy Comp Notebooks

Let your Lil King spread some black boy joy with these stylish one-of-a-kind notebooks!!!

wide-rule standard
composition notebooks

4.50 ea/ 3 for 12

Black Girl Magic Comp Notebooks 

Lil Queen is going to sprinkle black girl magic everywhere with these one-of-a-kind original notebooks!!!

wide-rule standard
composition notebooks

4.25" x 5.5

4.50 ea/ 3 for 12

Kids Composition Notebooks 

Puppies! Dinosaurs! World Map! Smileyface Emojis! All here & 2wo Scoops originally designed, with different front & back covers.

Buy Now 4.99/ea.

AFrican AF Notebooks

Celebrate the beauty that is Mother Africa with these lined, writing notebooks. Multiple Designs

Buy Now 4.99/ea.

Best Teacher Ever Notepads

Show the special teachers in your & your child's life some appreciation! Great addition to gift baskets.
4.25" x 5.5"

6.50 or 3 for 18

Quotables Notepads

Let these finish the conversation for you! These are fun just as novelty items or to actually pass out to others. 7 different custom designs to choose from, collect them all!
4.25" x 5.5" 

Buy Now 6.99/ea.

Bro Pads

When fellas want to add a little extra sauce to their message...
4.25" x 5.5"

OR 3 for $15

Buy Now 6/ea.

Halloween Composition Notebooks

write a spooky tale or jot down a weird extra terrestrial encounter in these awesome Halloween notebooks!
- college rule

Buy Now 4.99/ea


The perfect spot to jot!

Signs of HER 2024 Weekly Planner

2wo Scoops is reaching for the stars... constellations that is! This planner was made for each and every zodiac sign, with yearly horoscope advice, daily/weekly note space, monthly calendar, & beautiful graphics & colors.

6x9 in. for on-the-go organization!

Buy Now 15.99

The Wine-Down, Sistas 2024 Relaxation Wall Calendar

Everyone needs ME-TIME... this amazing calendar reminds us busy women of ways to relax, unwind, and get back to a full cup, so we can continue to pour into others.

8.5 x 11 in

Buy Now 12.99

Hi Neighbor 2024 Halloween Wall Calendar

You ever peeked out of the blinds & wondered what those weird neighbors across the street were up to?

This calendar gives you an insight on the neighborhood you may be a part of. You may want to stay inside!

8.5 x 11 in

Buy Now 12.99

My Breast Cancer Journey Journal

Can be personalized: A great gift and daily companion to those in the fight of their lives, or after. This journal includes daily mood trackers, journal pages, and real life Survivors pics and quotes to help uplift current Breast Cancer Warriors, & more!! Guaranteed to bring a smile.

(Made to order, so be sure to include  production/printing time when calculating when you may receive this journal).

Buy Now $54

#Inspired Planner/ Journal

Blank 18-month planner, with to-do list pages, and journaling pages. This will definitely be your daily companion!!!

Buy Now $7.99


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Authors of our published works.

 S. Mobley

~ Founder/CEO of 2woScoopsPublished
~ Author of "Really Great Friends", "Lil Gfs
    Visit the Black History Museum", "Just Like
    Your Mom", "Just Like Your Dad" 

~ Creator of All Calendars, All Planners, Lil 
    Girlfriends Coloring Books, "Breast Cancer
    Journey Journal", "Learn Cursive
    Workbook", "Learn to Write Workbook, All Student
    Planners, All Teacher Planners
~ Designer of All Notepads & Sticky Notes
    Stationery, "AFrican AF Notebooks", 
    "Christmas Composition Notebooks"
    series, "Halloween Composition
    Notebooks" series
~ Publisher of all

With a heart full of compassion, fun, and a willingness to teach, Shaylon combines them all effortlessly. No matter the age, from showing children ways to deal with their feelings, to teaching adults to love and care for themselves, and how to enjoy life. You are sure to come away with a newfound or different perspective after encountering her works.

Amarie Howard

Author of "Come On... Let's Travel with Amarie""

Seven year-old Amarie has a list of places she's already visited, and places she'd like to go! With her Amarie Adventures series, she wants you to come along with her!!! Be on the look out for more from Amarie!